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Below is a sampling of great comments we receive from our customers

Would you please help us to improve our products? Tell us what you think about PostCast by filling the form at this web page.

I was looking three years for a simple "all inclusive" e-mail program to manage customers. I was the CEO of a 50+ internet start up. Your program is the best I have seen in the past years, I was especially impressed with the extensive help resources that the program and your web site provide right from the start and in each function of the program - it seems like nothing can go wrong.

Thomas Cornelius
Thomas Cornelius Consulting Group

Thank you very much for my unlock key for PostCast Professional. I just wanted to write and let you know that this is the best mailing list software that I have found on the web. It is simple to use and delivers mail very quickly.
$299 is a great price for such powerful software. Once again many thanks.

Ben Holmes

"Just wanted to say thanks for a great product! We launched a redesign of our site ( ) last night with mailing list opt-in and opt-out capability and your software is working perfectly!"

Toby McGuire, Webmaster
CEOExpress Company

"PostCast makes a fairly tedious task possible to be automated a lot more. We have developed an Access (Visual Basic) production system in another database to do a lot of the automation work, and we use PostCast to do the send/receive part of the process"

Garron Lipschitz
eTrend Pty Ltd

"I love the fact that it's an intelligent mail application, not just a database tool. The fact that it reads and imports data from online forms is critical and it's implemented very nicely. There are also nice details throughout the program. It has very good filtering functions and comes equipped with many built-in filtering and import functions that anticipate common usage.

The customization capabilities, in general, are well done and vitally important. Also, details such as the fact that you can send out a test mailing to yourself before sending out a potentially flawed message to the entire list is really helpful.

The fact that it has a built-in mail server is fantastic. I haven't used it yet (so maybe it won't work they way I think it does), but the fact that it can handle huge amounts of mailings and it offloads the bandwidth to a dedicated server rather than setting off alarm bells at my ISP is really important and unique to this program.

I also have to applaud you on creating outstanding documentation. It's rare to have such simple yet informative documentation. Overall a superbly implemented, very useful program. Keep up the excellent work"

Philip Fierlinger

"Your support service is superb ! It's personal, fast and accurate. Thank you."

Paul Bergquist, 5570 Aksdal, Norway

"PostCast has been a blessing for Communications Research ( and a great time saver.  We mail an spanish  weekly newsletter to more that 3,000 customers in Latin American countries and after testing all other software, we selected PostCast and  now after the last 2 mailings, finally we have a real automated mailing list with opt in and out capability. This is a great software really worth the price."

Lionel Remigio
Communications Research

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