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Schedule new event

In order to define a new event click the 'New' button from the toolbar or select the Add Event option from the Edit menu.


The Scheduler should know the project path, which you have saved from PostCast. These files have a .poc extension. Once you have entered the data, click the Next button.


There are four disposable options. PostCast can start: once, every hour, monthly or every day. If you so wish, you may select one day in a week within the Daily option, and you will start events on a weekly basis.

Just once

Enter the date and the time of PostCast starting. The Scheduler will start the event only once.


Enter the number of minutes of the full hour when you want the event started. If, for instance, you enter 11, the event would be started at 8:11AM, 11:11PM, and 5:11PM...


Enter the day of the month and the time when you wish the event to be started. The Scheduler would start PostCast once a month.


The Scheduler will start the event every day. Enter the startup time and define the days of the week. You may, for instance, activate only the working days.

Tip: if you want to start same event, for example, every 20 minutes, you should create 3 'Hourly'events with 20, 40 and 60 minutes. If you want to start start event twice a day, you should create 2 'Daily' events with the different startup time.


When PostCast gets started, it should perform an action. The disposable actions are:

Receive messages

PostCast will download new messages. If you had defined the message rules for incoming messages, they would be started quite normally. The same applies to the import of data from the messages to the database.

Send Messages

If you have certain messages in the PostCast Outbox folder, they will be sent.

Send and Receive messages

The program would send messages from the Outbox folder as well as receive new messages. All message rules would function as a data import from the messages to the database.

Generate and send messages

A very useful option. You may define e.g. sending messages to a mailing list periodically

(say, every week). Select a table from the database and the message you had previously saved from PostCast. All e-mail Merge functions would work quite normally i.e. as if you had prepared them all by yourself.


Close PostCast on completion

When the Scheduler starts the event and performs a certain action, after its completion it is possible to close PostCast by selecting this option. It is very useful because it saves computer memory.

Run program minimized

Select this option and the program will be started as minimalized. Useful if you do not want it to obstruct your work and have your entire work done in the background.

Dial whenever a network connection is not present

If an event gets started while the computer is disconnected from the Internet, PostCast would automatically connect it without your intervention. Select the dial-up connection that you want the computer to use.

Disconnect when finished

When PostCast finishes the given operation, it will terminate your Internet connection. It is useful as it saves your connection time. You would avoid your computer being unnecessarily Internet connected while you are not using it.

When you finish all the setups, click the Apply button to add a new event to the list. If you have edited an existing event, you will save the changes.

How to use Scheduler

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