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Execute Program message tags

PostCast can cooperate with other programs. If you provide the path to the program you want to execute and several other parameters as well, PostCast would be able to forward the data to the program from your database, to execute it and include the program-derived result in your e-mail message.

You can define a single Execute Program tag in each e-mail message. Two programs can be executed if you define one in the text message, and if you define the same or a different one in the HTML message.

Using this option, you may forward your table data to the executive program. If you are importing data from the incoming e-mail messages, the data can also be forwarded to the desired program. If you want to forward a data from the First Name and Last Namecolumn, you can enter something like this in the Command Line text box:

\[First Name] \[Last Name]

How can you use this option?

Using this option you may start the programs that you are already using for your needs, as well as expand your PostCast abilities immensely. PostCast can forward data about your order to the program that would process your orders. PostCast will send an auto response to your client, enter his/her data into the database and start the program. If needed, it will enter the generated result as well.

I use this option intensively to generate unlock codes for my shareware programs. Shareware programs are programs whose specific options are disabled until an unlock code is entered. PostCast is such a program, too. When a client buys one of my programs, I automatically forward the order and deliver the unlock code using PostCast.


First, I make a separate program, which generates a code. The parameters, which are forwarded to this program in the command line, are: First Name and Last Name. The program would generate a code based on these data and save the result as a text file, in the following manner:


Your Name: Nenad Oric

Your Unlock Code: 28930462



Now I shall define the program data using the PostCast 'Execute Program Message Tags' option. I shall enter the .exe file path as well as the result file path which contains the unlock code for the client.


When somebody orders a program, I receive a message containing client's data:

Last Name: Johnson

First Name: Rick

Company: Advanced Communications

Street: 10235 Panorama Ave

City: Portland, OR 97233

Country: USA

Phone: 444-317-4937

Fax: 444-317-4939

Using the 'Import data from the messages' program section (click the Import button from the toolbar), I shall enter the data about the client into my database.


I will define the autoresponder using the 'Reply with the message' mail rule and automatically send the unlock code to the client. I will use the body of the message, which will serve as an autoresponder, to enter the command that will start the program used for generating unlock codes, as well as enter the result.


Dear [First Name: ],

thank you for purchasing PostCast. Here is your unlock code:

##Execute Program 1##


Nenad Oric



How can you define the tag?

Select the 'Tools/Message Tags/Execute Program' option from the menu. You may use the appearing window to add parameters related to your programs if you click the ADD button. You may define an infinite number of programs, and each added one would have its own consecutive number.

How can you define a tag in your message?

In order to define a tag in your message, use on of these two possible methods:

1. Within the window, which you are using to prepare the message, click the Insert button from the toolbar. Select the 'Execute Program Message Tag' option from the dropdown list, and once you have selected the consecutive number of the script out of the window that would appear, you would have a defined tag in your message. Select the Insert option and choose the type of tag that you want to insert.

2. Enter the text of your message yourself, which will order PostCast to execute the program. For example, if you want o execute the program under the consecutive number 2, enter the following text in your e-mail message:

##Execute Program 2##

Tag in an HTML message

In order to define a tag in the HTML message it is required to enter a command whose syntax, in case you wish to start the program under the consecutive number 1, would look like this: ##Execute Program 1##.

Location of the program

Use this field to enter the path to the program that you want to start.

Optional command line parameters

Enter the command line that you will forward to the program for further processing. If, for example, you have to perform:

yourprogram.exe p=1 v=5 /John

You should enter in this field:

p=1 v=5 /John

If you want to import data from the table, out of the First Name column, enter:

p=1 v=5 /[First Name]

Include result in the e-mail message

Activate this option to start a result that the program would generate into your e-mail message.

Location of the result text file

Enter the path to the file in which you want to save the result.

Delete this file after importing

If you activate this option PostCast would automatically delete the result file after it takes over its data. Useful if you want to avoid sending a wrong result in case of an error when starting the program.

Time Out

It is required to set up the period of time to be taken by PostCast to wait for the started program before it attempts to import the data from the result file. If you define the number of seconds, PostCast would wait for the defined period of time before it reads the file. In addition, you may set up PostCast to wait for the started program to close before it resumes the import of results.

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