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Frequently asked questions

The 30 day trial has expired. How could I try it for another month?

How can I send HTML messages?

How many emails per hour can postcast send?

How to remove bad e-mail addresses from the mailing list?

Can I use SQL Server databases?

Can I use databases created in PostCast in Access 2000/2002?

How to create an autoresponder?

Where can I open free POP3 e-mail account?

Can I use internal SMTP server with other software products?

The 30 day trial has expired. How could I try it for another month?

To start a new trial period, download and install the 'patch' from this location.

How can I send HTML messages?

You should press the Insert button, choose 'HTML...' option from the drop down menu in the E-mail Merge or New Message window and open your HTML page:

Version 2 encodes all pictures you are using in HTML page and includes them in the message. The process can be time consuming if a page has large pictures.

If a picture is a local file, the program automatically includes it in the message. You can upload it to the server and enter its Internet location into your HTML page. This way the size of your messages will be considerably lower, they will travel faster, while the e-mail client will download the essential files automatically, and display them in your message.

Upload all your graphics to server and include the URL of each picture in your HTML code. You can do that easily in every web page editor (for example, Front Page). Right-click the picture, choose Properties and enter its Internet address. For example: ""
When you send an HTLM page with PostCast, your recipient's mail program will download and display the picture automatically from that location.

How many emails per hour can postcast send?

With the integrated server you can send about 300 messages per hour with the dial-up modem connection. If you have faster connection to the Internet you will be able to send more messages.

PostCast Server, our SMTP server product, sends about 3500 messages with a modem connection. This product is free. Please visit

How to remove bad e-mail addresses from the mailing list?

Use the 'Repair e-mail addresses' tool in the database window. It searches all records and if it finds an e-mail addresses which had been entered incorrectly or include invalid characters, it will attempt to correct them by correcting the characters. It can also select rows that contain them, or remove the addresses from the table. If you need a support for databases other that Microsoft Access, you can use our other product that has more advanced tools for managing databases. It supports all database formats. See for more information.

It is possible to create list of bad e-mail addresses with PostCast Server. Press Settings, click 'Advanced' tab and enter appropriate location of your database file. Choose table and column wherein you want to save addresses. This program is free and can be downloaded from For more information about this feature, please visit this location.

In PostCast, you can filter your mailing list/table by using another table with e-mail addresses. To perform such operation, use Compare Tables database tool. More information:

Can I use SQL Server databases?

Yes. The database window works only with Access databases, but you can use any database that supports OLE DB and ODBC standards for e-mail merge. That includes SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, Text Files, Access, etc.

In BaseNow, our database product, you can easily transform your SQL queries, tables and views between an Access database and any other database format. You will then be able to use other features in the program. For more information about BaseNow, visit this web page.

Can I use databases created in PostCast in Access 2000/2002?

Database wizard in PostCast creates Access 97 databases. If you want to include tables from PostCast into your existing Access 2000/2002 database, you should choose 'File/Get External Data/Link Tables...' option from the menu in Access. Choose the database file which is created by PostCast. Press 'Select All' button to select all tables and then press 'OK' button to link tables.

If you don't have an Access 2000/2002 database, you need to create a new one. Choose 'File/New' from the menu and double-click on 'Database' icon. Choose the name of the file and press 'Create' button to create blank Access 2000/2002 database. Procedure for 'Linking tables' is the same: choose 'File/Get External Data/Link Tables...' option from the menu, choose the database file from PostCast, press 'Select All' button, press 'OK' button to link tables and you can work with the PostCast databases.

If you need more advanced tools for transforming databases from one format into another, try BaseNow - our database front-end product.

How to create an autoresponder?

First create an Import Job that will extract data from the email message to a table in your database. For more information about import jobs, you can visit this web page.

Choose Tools/Message Rules from the menu, press Add and choose 'Reply to Message' message rule from 'Action to take' drop-down menu. Press Settings.

Select the 'Import Job' you just created from the list on the left side of the window and the data fields will be listed to the left of the message. You can then insert these fields into your autoresponder message.

Values can be imported to: Subject, From, Attach, HTML, To and Message Text. Therefore, not only in the message body, but anywhere you believe data import is required.

For example, if you have this line in the text of an e-mail message:
'E-mail address:'
and you already have entered 'E-mail address: ' as a field in the Import Job, to send an e-mail to an extracted address enter [E-mail address: ] in the 'To:' text box in the 'Reply to Message' window. you can also use the drag and drop operation.

Where can I open free POP3 e-mail account?

Yahoo has special category for free e-mail accounts. Try to find some acceptable offer at this web page.

The EO provides free email accounts which are accessible either from the web or from your favorite email client (like PostCast) using the POP3 protocol.
Visit for more information.
Signup form is located at: free e-mail accounts works with every Internet e-mail client, including PostCast.
To create your POP3 account, visit:

Can I use internal SMTP server with other software products?

Mail server included in the Professional Edition can only be used by PostCast. You can't send e-mail with another e-mail client and connect to it as you would do that with the regular SMTP server. Please visit this web site to download our SMTP server program which can accept connections from LAN, Internet or local computer.

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